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Repository: wtk-overlay
Browsable repository: wtk-overlay
Author: W. Trevor King

I broke down today and looked into Gentoo overlays and layman. It seems much simpler now than it did when I last looked at it a year or so ago. I guess I'm just more familiar with how portage works...

Anyhow, I've posted my personal wtk overlay and layman XML describing it (update: my overlay is now listed in the global overlay list, so there is no need to mess with my personal layman.xml). The overlay is a fairly strange mix:

For those that aren't yet familiar with layman and overlays, install layman with:

# emerge -av app-portage/layman

Optionally edit /etc/layman/layman.cfg, and install my overlay with:

# layman --add wtk

Then go ahead and emerge any of the extra packages my overlay provides!

I also have a Gentoo Prefix overlay which I use to install useful stuff on our family Mac.

There is an unofficial web interface that allows you to search for overlays containing specific ebuilds, which is useful if you want an ebuild but aren't sure who's offering it ;).

As a note to myself, you can test all the ebuilds in your overlay from the overlay's root directory with:

# emerge --oneshot -av $(find . -name '*.ebuild' | sed 's/^..//' | sed 's/\/[^/]*$//' | sort | uniq)