I've been cleaning up the course website for Drexel's PHYS405 (Parallel Computing), and I wasn't a fan of the latex2html equations and their resulting PNGs. Searching around for a solution, I found a few command line MathML generators: itex2MML and blahtexml. itex2MML struck me as cleaner after a brief spin with blahtexml. Jason Blevins has written an ikiwiki plugin using itex2MML so you don't have to bother with MathML in your blog postings (there is an alternative implementation by Gustaf Thorslund):

(1)e iπ+1=0

Now that you can generate MathML, you'll need to serve it correctly. For simple cases, you can try something like this.

That takes care of generating the MathML, but can we view it? Gecko has supported MathML since 1.8.0 (Firefox 1.5), so Firefox support is quite good. MathML has also recently (August 17th) moved into the WebKit trunk, so new builds of Safari and Chrome should have native support as well, although at such an early stage there are bound to be some issues. Opera has supported MathML since 9.5 (June 2008), although again there were some growing pains. For those using IE, the MathPlayer plugin can render MathML. MathPlayer can even speak MathML for the visually impaired. Unfortunately, I don't have all those browsers installed to test out my above claims. Let me know if something's not working!