In my gitweb post, I explain how to setup git daemon to serve git:// requests under Nginx on Gentoo. This post talks about a different situation, where you want to toss up a Git daemon for collaboration on your LAN. This is useful when you're teaching Git to a room full of LAN-sharing students, and you don't want to bother setting up public repositories more permanently.

Serving a few repositories

Say you have a repository that you want to serve:

$ mkdir -p ~/src/my-project
$ cd ~/src/my-project
$ git init
$ …hack hack hack…

Fire up the daemon (probably in another terminal so you can keep hacking in your original terminal) with:

$ cd ~/src
$ git daemon --export-all --base-path=. --verbose ./my-project

Then you can clone with:

$ git clone git://

replacing with your public IP address (e.g. from ip addr show scope global). Add additional repository paths to the git daemon call to serve additional repositories.

Serving a single repository

If you don't want to bother listing my-project in your URLs, you can base the daemon in the project itself (instead of in the parent directory):

$ cd
$ git daemon --export-all --base-path=src/my-project --verbose

Then you can clone with:

$ git clone git://

This may be more convenient if you're only sharing a single repository.

Enabling pushes

If you want your students to be able to push to your repository during class, you can run:

$ git daemon --enable=receive-pack …

Only do this on a trusted LAN with a junk test repository, because it will allow anybody to push anything or remove references.