Endfloat is a LaTeX package for shifting your figures and tables onto seperate pages at the end of your article, a format requested by some journals. For example, adding


This includes endfloat, which adds to the end of your article

  • a list of figures and their captions followed by
  • the figures themselves on separate pages.

The bit setting the caption color to white hides the captions on the figure pages, since some journals don't like to have them. If you're using hyperref, and you have references from your captions (e.g. to equations, citations, etc.), those may get colored automatically, so they won't be "erased" by the CaptionFont redefinition. You can turn off hyperref's coloring with

\hypersetup{pdfborder=0 0 0}

which turns of the coloring of the link text, and disables the annoying boxes that hyperref likes to draw around links. Note that this will make links hard to find throughout your entire article, but just for the preprint with captionless figure pages, which isn't really a big deal. You can still find them by mousing around in places where you expect them to be.