I've written up a little script (gallery.py) to generate HTML galleries of my pictures. There are tons of scripts to do this, but this one's mine ;). It uses ImageMagick's mogrify to generate thumbnails and supports per-picture captions via similarly named caption files (e.g. some-pic.jpg.txt contains the caption for some-pic.jpg).

You'll probably want to tweak the script to create appropriate header or footer code for your particular site. Perhaps I'll convert the script to use jinja2 in the future.

The original script generated static HTML inside the image direcories. This worked fine, but I don't run a high-traffic site, so keeping the gallery up to date was more trouble than it was worth. I've upgraded my script (versions >0.4) to run via CGI. Versions >0.5 can optionally run via SCGI. Now the gallery updates itself on the fly when I add new pictures.