While calibrating my photodiodes, some of my surface bumps went out of the linear-response range. Since I'm not confident in my ability to set boundaries programmatically at the moment, I thought I'd write up a little utility to record clicks on key data points, so I could pick out the “good data”.

Enter plotpick.py the raw-data version of clickloc. Hope you like it :). I've also written up a simple data generator (random-data.py), which allows you to try out plotpick::

$ random-data.py -n 200 | plotpick.py

Matplotlib has supported the picker infrastructure in various guises since pickeps in 2007, but I only just discovered it. Before version 0.3, plotpick.py used a much less elegant cursor implementation based on cursor_demo.py.

calibcant, my modern cantilever calibration suite, repositions the piezo before every bump, so out-of-range bumps are no longer an issue.