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Repository: course
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Author: W. Trevor King

Over a few years as a TA for assorted introductory physics classes, I've assembled a nice website framework with lots of problems using my LaTeX problempack package, along with some handy Makefiles, a bit of php, and SSI.

The result is the course package, which should make it very easy to whip up a course website, homeworks, etc. for an introductory mechanics or E&M class (431 problems implemented as of June 2012). With a bit of work to write up problems, the framework could easily be extended to other subjects.

The idea is that a course website consists of a small, static HTML framework, and a bunch of content that is gradually filled in as the semester/quarter progresses. I've put the HTML framework in the html/ directory, along with some of the write-once-per-course content (e.g. Prof & TA info). See html/README for more information on the layout of the HTML.

The rest of the directories contain the code for compiling material that is deployed as the course progresses. The announcements/ directory contains the atom feed for the course, and possibly a list of email addresses of people who would like to (or should) be notified when new announcements are posted. The latex/ directory contains LaTeX source for the course documents for which it is available, and the pdf/ directory contains PDFs for which no other source is available (e.g. scans, or PDFs sent in by Profs or TAs who neglected to include their source code).

Note that because this framework assumes the HTML content will be relatively static, it may not be appropriate for courses with large amounts of textbook-style content, which will undergo more frequent revision. It may also be excessive for courses that need less compiled content. For an example of another framework, see my branch of Prof. Vallières' Parallel Computing website.