I've been forgetting passwords recently, so I'm upgrading from the “card in my wallet” method to the “GnuPG via Emacs using EasyPG” method. Basically jao's method without Org-mode.

Org-mode looks pretty cool, but I've got Debian's default Emacs21 on a few of my machines (Org-mode is bundled in versions ≥ 22), and I didn't want to install Org-mode on all of them.

In other news, simulation testing moves along slowly. The constant unfolding rate leads to the expected exponetial decay, and Bell-model unfolding of a single domain matches the expected unfolding force histogram, which is all I've come up with so far for for theoretical unfolding-force histograms. For Kramers' overdamped integral form, I'm comparing my simulation's k(F) to Kramers' original predictions, but things aren't matching up yet. Work continues...

On a competely unrelated note, I recently ran across Emacs' Meta-q command for nicely breaking paragraphs, and it's a gem. Especially useful for replying to seperate parts of other people's really-long-lined emails ;).