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Repository: sitecorepy
Browsable repository: sitecorepy
Author: W. Trevor King

As the Physics webmaster, I'm in charge of transitioning most of the static department content into SiteCore, as the powers that be get wise to the ways of version control. Unfortunately, I'm not the biggest fan of SiteCore. Major gripes include:

  • Poorly conceived versioning. Some things are versioned, some things aren't. No tools (that I've found yet) for analyzing history except on a per-page scope. Also, can only commit changes at the page level, which makes a single "I added alt tags to all my images" commit impossible.
  • Browser-only interface. That's right, no scriptable API short of driving a browser through a script. This one is so huge, I'm not really sure what else to say. Surely people occasionaly want to do something that the designers hadn't planned for, like, oh, importing data from a preexisting database.

Anyhow, to overcome the major limitation, I'm driving my browser through a script. Thanks to the magic of WebDriver/Selenium for making this possible.