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Repository: stripchart
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Author: W. Trevor King

I was trying to troubleshoot the feedback loop on our NanoScope today, and when I went to fire up my Comedi-driven stripcharts monitoring some lines in the DB-25 cable connecting the MultiMode to the Nanoscope, I got a bunch of weird errors (errnos 11 and 29). I tracked them down to some of the Xlib function calls in my stripchart code (yes, I wrote my own stripchart code, so sue me), which I don't understand, since I can't find any reference to Xlib functions setting errnos.

Anyhow, I've patched up my source to gleefully ignore any Xlib errno settings, and things seem to be back up and running now. Feel free to give my stripchart code a whirl, since I quite enjoy it :p.